Tuesday, July 15, 2014

embrace uniqueness

so as i stand squating in my tub, as i wash out the remaining teal dye that is coloring the blonde in my hair.. my mom says to me:

"i don't know how _____ & your _____  could raise you.. you're such a hippy child, and don't care. you're SO my child"

in my head i kind of felt bad for my mom hahahah.. i realized, i was indeed squating in a tub, washing out that remaining dye that was turning my hair blue..

i also got a tattoo this weekend. yes, you read that right.

my mom didn't say anything but sigh when she returned home from a camping trip of working all weekend, and was exhausted.

my mom secretly likes that i don't care to the point that i put temporary teal in my hair. or that i got a sick tattoo.

i think it reminds her a little of herself. and her youth.

i mean, i am heidi's hellian daughter after all :)

i may get some dirty looks from some moms in walmart- or glances at a farewell of a dear friend. but i really don't care, not in the slightest.

don't fear being unique guys; embrace it. we're not all supposed to be the same anyways.

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