<--- that is me, Cassidy Amy VanSolkema
I was born on January 8, 1994
I graduated from Timpanogos High School in the year of 2012.
I went to Grand Rapids Community College.
I've lived in Grand Rapids, Michigan & Orem, Utah most my life.
Currently I live in Moose, Wyoming working by the beautiful Grand Tetons.
I'm a wild-child with no plan for this life.
I still sleep with a blakey, thumper, and cuppy.
I like tattoos and the color yellow.
long hair is a way of life.
the day i have to wear a wedding ring and take off the rest of my 8 rings is going to be a sad day for this girl.. 
I believe in eating too much candy but my teeth need to always feel clean; it's a constant battle.
bring up aliens or windmills & I will cry.

you can find out more about me here.

I started this blog roughly 5 years ago to express my hatred towards high school and growing up. Although I am well past that part of my life, I'm still Cassidy, with a lot on my mind at all times. A lot of the time, I rant.. so if you are not about that life, I apologize. I like to ramble a lot, so bare with me. These years are very important for they start the rest of my life, so join me as I start Taking Flight, if you'd like.

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