Tuesday, May 6, 2014

oppurtunities, vagueness, fortes

do you ever sit there and think things happen for a reason? (personally, i do).. whether you believe it or not, it's always nice to look back on an opportunity and think "wow! that worked out so well and nicely, it was almost meant to happen!" (sorry, not falling away from things happening for a reason).

I've been blessed with opportunities, from day one.

from several YoungLife camps, to trips to mexico/florida/arizona, speaking to a large group of people about how addiction has affected my life/family, to proving myself that even at a young age i can manage major responsibilities such as running 2 boutiques.

i have been blessed and am thankful for each and every one of my opportunities.

i do believe on moving forward and building new opportunities for yourself as well, though. (all about that motivation to move up and forward)

i'm the kind of person that itches for "different", "new", & "unique" opportunities.

i can sit there and CONVINCE myself that something is the greatest idea to ever be introduced to human nature- well that's a little far, but that's how convinced i get. and then they fall from reality and the details and written out details make me realize how UNrealistic it really is..

but then i believe in the opportunities that just feel right to you. the ones you think about and you feel very little panic or wave of nervousness. the ones that feel like you were meant to do it. the ones where you just sit and think of your life and you're doing said 'opportunity'.

lately, i have been presented with an AMAZING opportunity (details to come) that i simply feel like i cannot pass up, an opportunity that i feel like is exactly what i'm meant to do with my life right now.

cross your fingers, throw spilt salt over your shoulder, plant some lavender by your garden gate, and keep me in your prayers for luck and that it all works out.

i promise to come forth with details once it's more set and stone.

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