Wednesday, May 14, 2014

homesick missionaries

so, i'm no professional at missionary packages by any means, i've seen girls that i'm just like "did you come from the crafting gods?" and often find myself coming to the answer of YES they are, and you're not. so i tend to stick to knitting.

anyways, grant has been really homesick, just like most missionaries go through around this time of their mission (6 month mark to year mark).. anyways, so i decided to make him a "brighten up package" just to try and make it a little easier.

 so i collected all things yellow that i thought he would like:
+ apple juices
+birthday cake oreos
+ goldfish
+juicy fruit gum
+sour patch kids
+ sweedish fish
+ crystal light
+ sixlets (he loves those weird candies)
+charleston chew

my biggest struggle is decorating the box (yes i know the paper isn't exact, but i was also helping my friend with a package for his friend as well, so don't judge) so i just chose yellow, sparkles (because my last package, i sent SO many sparkly things; and he got mad :) so i just did it to irritate him.. plus what's anything without sparkles?)..

ps. if you are sending it to someone out of the country or state (but especially, out of the country) get a flat rate box!!!!!!!!!!! trust me, it will save you so much money. specifically $60 because i have to ship my boxes to New Zealand :(

so here is the outcome:

 i also decided to look up scriptures on strength, missionary work, love, and faith.. just some uplifting messages to remind him why he is out doing what he is doing. i then tied the messages to each little treat i put in there (too lazy to take a pic to be honest ha)..

for the finale, i got to skype him for a little bit on mothers day!!! it was good to see him (and his smile, as corny as it sounds) and to just be able to TALK to him rather than always reading his words on emails. although this boy drives me absolutely insane, it's always good to see someone whose been part of your life for nom nom (yes that's a number) years.

anyways, cheers to missionaries, crafting, and mothers day.


  1. Ok why are you so perfect? In my head i'm thinking "did you come from the perfect missionary package gods?"

    1. hahahahahahahha i love you! thanks madeline :)