Thursday, April 10, 2014

tidbits, bitstid.

++ i get really excited about things that are just starting. for example, i was thrilled when i found a new show to watch that all i wanted to do was skip the gym and go home and watch every single episode (before you get upset with me, i went to the gym and haven't even started the show yet).

++ speaking of the gym, i've been going hard lately.. for example, today i can't bend down without my legs shaking uncontrollably and thinking a knife is gonna stab through my butt.. but i am determined to have a nice body this summer, and honestly i feel so much better about myself when i'm active (as i take a swig of my diet coke... ugh)..

++ have you ever gone through phases where everything is something you want? okay, that was a terrible sentence; but this is what i mean... i walk into a store, find this way cute headband, no questions asked.. buy it. i walk into another store, find this way cute strapless dress (pictured below) and i'm like duh, it HAS to be mine, and it's on sale i would be CRAZY not to get it. not that i need it, but like it's a steal, ya know? this is my problem ALL the time lately, everything i see, i have to have! so between the 2 new pairs of shoes, 3 shirts, 1 dress, 1 skirt, 3 headbands, and 2 rings... remember how i recently redid my closet? maybe i never talked about that to my bloggers; but i redid my closet because i had ZERO room for new things, and now, i'm in that problem again.. let's just say, i redid my closet about a month ago... i'd say i have a problem that comes in waves, but when it rains it POURS.

++ sometimes, i jump the gun with guys. k that sounds way worse than i meant it to, but what i mean is this: meet a new guy, start texting/talking/hanging out, and then my brain does this weird thing where it get's so excited to talk to them day by day, and then i think it's gonna be good.. then goes badly. well not bad, but not how i expected it to go. then i get uninterested and just kind of fall from talking to them and ruin any chance of it being a good thing... i'm broken, it's fine.

++ last night i had a dream i got left at the alter, if that doesn't show how scared i am of marriage/boys/commitment, then i don't know what does. before the wedding i was like scrambling with my future maid of honor (shalana) searching for bridesmaids gifts and random ish. ashley (my other best friend) was late for the wedding...  the whole rest of the dream i was crying, complaining of all the money i spent, and vowing to myself that i would never have a wedding again. the dream ended with me marrying another person 2 days later, so there's that.

++ i realized i put way too much faith/hope into things that aren't guaranteed.. but i guess that's just how i am, and i would rather be pumped about something that may not happen then be like "ehhhh whatever". vague is my forte.

well that's enough randomness from me for today, seeya.

BUT REALLY, you can't say that dress isn't to die for, right?!
(make me feel better about my spending issues)

here's a couple things i purchased as well:

k bye, now i'm embarrassed.

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