Thursday, April 3, 2014

grunge, fashion? we can make this work.

i am not a fashionista, and people that know me are probably like "no duh, you're not"..

you know what was a struggle? picture this:

cassidy, professional grunge dresser, who would prefer to throw on a beanie then to deal with the mane i call hair, and only can think to wear combat boots. this cassidy, thrown into a boutique, where we do personal sessions with people to dress them in the boutique-y clothes. also needing to dress mannequins, and look way cute each day to portray the type of way you can look if you shop with us!

it went as well as you thought, at first. horrid.

each day, i would struggle to wake up that extra 30 minutes to do my hair, pick out a decent outfit that didn't include some random ish thrown together. because this previous cassidy, in high school, would wake up about 30 minutes before the first period bell, shower, throw on clothes, and walk into the building with dripping wet hair- or icicle hair; depending on the season. (to the 2 boys that dated me at these times, i apologize for not being a typical THS girl that would have a way cute outfit and hair done, but then again; i'm not all that sorry, because you knew i loved my sleep).

every girl dreams in their "style" or "clothes" board on pinterest, and i was nooo different. but just didn't care enough to make the effort to look cute. then the job came in.. and i started to branch out, i bought pink things, and a bulky necklace. you could say i was getting a little ballsy (for the lack of a better word)..

but fast forward 7 months (it def didn't happen over night) and you may see me in lace shirts with a high low polka dot skirt, or a blush lace skirt with a chambray shirt and a statement necklace. don't forget the heeled boots i've learned to love. it's crazy how much someone can change their style, and it's really not that hard if you have CONFIDENCE to do so..

so if grunge cass (who is not lost btw, on weekends and nights off, she's in full force) can do it, you can too! i promise, so put on that confidence, throw a statement necklace in (if it's not too busy of course), and rock that style; because it really is as simple as that.

so next time you see me, and you're like "cassidy? no way... she has wedge boots and a blush cardigan on.." don't fret, it's me. just my SexyModest, me :)

ps. let me just tell you, my leather obsession is only getting worse, and you can ask my leather pants if you don't believe me.

that girl ^^ the blonde, she's my coworker- and a fashionista that i wouldn't be growing in my fashion without her.  she is my personal outfit finalizers, and consultant. she's pretty great.
p.p.s if you know where i can find this necklace, i will personally love you forever.


  1. You can find that necklace at Cost Plus World Market! I got it in pink and green around the holiday time there! SO cute!!