Sunday, December 29, 2013


this can't be happening, cassidy sitting down to blog?! must be a christmas miracle, about 4 days late! nontheless, i'm here; and ready to raaaaaaaamble (ready to rumble from space jam, anyone?) 

so here's the deal guys, my life has gone in no way shape or form the way i thought it would. it's crazy isn't it? you can spend years planning, plotting, THINKING you know what is going to happen in the next couple years of your life, and BAM! here's 700 twists and turns, which brings me to ----> here

where is here exactly? well here is:
-living at home, with my grandparents.
-working full time at the cutest ever, SexyModest Boutique, if you've never been; come into our American Fork location and i'll dress you in the cutest of the cute.
- hanging out with my best friend and her boyfriend, talk about that third wheel life.

is this where i thought i would be? nope, not in the slightest. but i have a gypsy soul, and i shouldn't be shocked. i feel like i'm in an awkward time of my life, half my friends are married or engaged, or even dating. then there's cass, who has ZERO interest in anyone.. why? i honestly don't know, it's not like there isn't anyone worth liking, but i strongly believe in loving when you're ready, not lonely.

maybe one day i will wake up and know exactly where i want my life to be going, who i want to be with, or where i want to go. but right now, that's just not happening. is that wrong? i don't think so, which to some (mostly older people in my life) may seem irresponsible; but the second i graduated high school i promised myself to do what makes ME happy, not everyone else. so, tonight; i'll go third wheel it with my best friend and her boyfriend, take a bath with my lush bath bomb (my latest obsession), and then go to sleep alone; because right now, right here; is where i'm supposed to be.


  1. the phase of life where all your friends are either in serious relationships or on missions so your life becomes third wheeling, work, and netflix. i feel like we have similar lives! well if you ever need, my ice cream and gossip girl are always welcoming.

  2. I just found your blog and don't mind me if I just creeped for a while. Anyway, you are one of a kind and I absolutely love that! My husband, (weird to call him that!) has an older brother, Logan.. Logan Smith. He was friends with your uncle, Court. Anyway, it might sound SUPER creepy and weird but Logan tells stories all the time about him and Court, and he says you like a little sister to him. Logan has been wanting me to tell you hey from him, so here it is! I don't even know you that well, so don't mind me creeping, but I felt the urge to tell you all this and just let you know how good of a person you appear to be to me. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise! xoxo

    - Breann