Wednesday, November 6, 2013

yeah wait what.. ramble?

it's time. i know, typical cass about to go on a rampage, but would it be my blog if it didn't have rampages and too many commas? most definitely NOT!

so here's my tangent. i'm honestly sick of people and some of their concepts of what friendship is. OH SICK YOU'RE INSTA FAMOUS, LET'S BE FRIENDS! no. WOW PEOPLE THINK YOU'RE LIKE MOTHER THERESA AND I WANT TO BE LOOKED AT THE SAME? no. there are so many misconceptions of what friendship really is. i know plenty of people that are looked at as a God of some sort, that have so many secrets and lies they live by to keep that look.

me? i'm cassidy, who some may not like and some may love.. but guess what? i don't hide behind lies or secrets.. the friends i call my friends, know my secrets and my mistakes, and still love me; giving me their friendship.


Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between two or more people.[1] Friendship is a stronger form of interpersonal bond than an association.

do you see "have to be instagram famous" or "a lot of people have to know your name" or "you have to have a certain reputation" in there? oh... no? can't say i'm not shocked, but i'm sure many of you THINK you don't take some of these things into consideration, but you do.

the type of person you are is not based by how many people know your name, how many likes you get on an insta pic, it's not the amount of praise you get.. it's based on your SOUL. mistakes and choices made doesn't always reflect your soul, rather then a phase of life that happens for EVERYONE. does this mean you're not worth the time or effort someone may put forth to be your friend? hell no.

i feel like some of the most influential people in my life have probably under 200 followers on insta. GUYS IT'S POSSIBLE TO BE A PERSON OUTSIDE OF SOCIAL MEDIA. some of the most influential people i know don't need to post on Facebook 24/7, have looooong inspiration quotes on every insagram picture, doesn't need to team up with fellow "holy social media" people, or need to make people their projects. some of the most influential people in my life have sent me random texts just reminding me that they love me, listen to me ramble about sweet nothings for hours, and most importantly: DIDN'T JUDGE ME.

i have a strong opinion about this, i don't care what kind of person you are; white, black, blue, tall, short, chubby, loud, nice, stubborn, bitch face.. if you have a good soul, you care about something, and you're HONEST; i would love to get to know you. if you JUDGE someone, you don't consider them a friend; rather then someone to look down upon. sure, everyone is guilty of thinking that what another did is wrong, but it's how you handle it on the outside. and i can't say i've always been perfect at this.. duhhh.. i have a temper sometimes, and i speak my mind.. but i don't make up things or belittle other people over and over again.

i know for a fact some of my closest friends don't agree with some of my opinions, choices, or judgements.. but they still love me, because they know my soul, my sorrows, and what i have to offer.

i don't care what you've heard about me, what false story (or maybe true story) you've heard about me, i just care if you are basing judgements on facts and something you've personally gone through or if it's just based off another persons opinion.

i know i've made mistakes, made false judgements, and even have said things i shouldn't have. but i will NEVER feel bad for standing up for what i believe in, i will never be ashamed of who i am, and i will never let you make me feel like i need to be saved/your project.

think whatever you want about me, but i would rather have my few amazing close friends then a million fake ones that pretend to like me to add to the list of people they know, or think they know things about me.

so before you wanna snap a pic, throw a filter on, and call it inspiration; think twice.. social media isn't everything.. the people that love you off of Facebook/insta/twitter/blogger.. the ones that see the true sides of you in all aspects, and still love you? that's friendship..

so while you're getting you 2345 likes on insta, i'm gonna watch greys anatomy and call it good.

(sorry this post was a jumble of so many things and gave you a headache, but that's what the life of cassidy's rambles goes).

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  1. Grey's Anatomy has TAKEN OVER MY LIFE.
    Forever in love with Mark Sloan <3