Monday, December 30, 2013


I have grown up with a lot of amazing girls by my side since the weeeee years of elementary. Many were LDS, honestly; I don't remember one that wasn't..

Tori Ware, she was one that never left my side, yes I moved across the country, and we lost touch; but she never stopped caring. I actually carry a note in my wallet that she wrote me, on a hard day; when no one else noticed; SHE DID. She never once judged me for the decisions I made, she just loved me. She is one of the girls that has grown extra close to me my whole life, but especially this past year. Tori has never been given the credit she deserves for her intelligence, and she often felt like she was considered Naive, if you felt that way about Tori, you didn't know her soul, and you need to read this:

read here

Tori, I loved you when we were little, and I love you now; I look up to you in ways you will never comprehend. & more importantly am so proud of the girl you are now, and how far you've come.

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