Sunday, September 29, 2013

the homies

Back row: Joe, Landon, Jake, Mcklendon, Zach
Front Row: Smoot (Kenzie), Me, Katie

Then details:
Joe: Was trying to prepare for a mission, was working, and being the best friend you could ever ask for.
Landon: Was figuring out what he wanted to do, worked a lot, and was a ladies man.
Jake: was days away from going on his mission, finishing up that preparation, was obsessed with his sick car, and working non-stop.
Fox: was preparing for his mission, working out like a mad man, and working at Vivint.
Zach: Was working & dating my best friend Kenzie.
Smoot: Was in her senior year of high school, and cheering for Timpangos.
Me: I was in my Junior year of high school, was dating grant, and dreading school every moment of everyday.
Katie: Was trying to graduate early, and searching for a good job, and winning over any guy she wanted.

Jake, Landon, Katie, Me, Mcklendon

Due to Joe being on a mission (7 months down), & Smoot and Zach now being married (for a year now!) and having a precious baby boy, Cooper; it is near impossible to get all "the homies" together at once. Throwing it back to Summer of 2010, these guys were my whole world. Every single day we would all hang out, do crazy things, we were always going on adventures, and we had the most amazing summer we could of ever imagined. If I could go back to anytime, it would be that time.

Current details:
Jake: Just got home from a mission in August, served full time, is currently working and going to college part time at UVU. 
Landon: Is super into videography, works for RAPT studios, and is waiting for the call to tell him when he will be leaving to Mexico to serve a mission.
Katie: Just got home from Hawaii a little bit ago, is dating a hunk of a man that she hopefully will marry ;), & works at Bath & Body works.
Me: I'm currently working full time, living at home, and finding out what I want to do with my life.
Mcklendon: Is working right now, is trying his very best to go back out on his mission after some medical issues, and is just as sweet as ever.
Joe: Is on his mission, loving life, and is always giving the best advice even when he's away.
Smoot: Is married to Zach, is working as a nanny and raising cooper.
Zach: Is married to Smoot, is working full time, is going to be going to Fire Fighter School (ha idk what to call it) and is raising a beautiful baby boy.

Obviously a lot happened between now and then, some of us moving across the country/world, lots of ups and downs.. But we're still "the homies" and always will be, we're a family we chose for ourselves.

I love you guys, always and forever.

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