Monday, September 30, 2013

i'm cassidy & i'm human

people think the following about me:

here's the thing, what does this even matter? WHY do other peoples words affect us so much? does it really matter what everyone else THINKS about you, but doesn't KNOW about you? don't get me wrong, kind words are held dear to my heart and i legit take each kind word with me.. but when is there ever going to be a time when SOMEONE isn't judging you? i'll answer that for you.. NEVER. sorry for the news flash but you're never going to be perfect, there is not such thing. my mother has raised me well (in some aspects, i like to believe).. she has taught me that the people that think badly of you, don't matter.. they most likely don't know you or are just being a people pleaser. i KNOW i've made mistakes and have hurt people along the way, and in time i hope to restore bridges i've burned that have importance to me.. but the point is, no one knows this:

 so before you decide you want to judge me and my life, remember this: i don't care! in the nicest way possible (ha), i did not come to this earth to make you happy, and yes i hope my family is proud of me.. but at the end of the day, i need to focus on bettering myself in ways that I BELIEVE i need to be bettered. not what others think i need to do. my life is just that, MY LIFE.. i refuse to let other people define me and label me, because no one knows who i am; but me, the people who take the time to REALLY get to know me, and my mom. so here's my label

 if you want to believe anything other then that about me, that's you're choice and the burden you choose to carry about me. i hope you can't let those negative feelings go, and just accept that i am indeed cassidy, and to your shock, i'm sure- i'm human. i know i have been judgmental in my past, and sometimes still catch myself doing so. here's the thing though, i'm working on it- and all i can ask if for you to do the same.

that's my challenge to you, accept others, try to understand them, realize that you do not know the whole story or see the full picture like they do.

& start with me.

hey guys, i'm cassidy & i'm human. get to know the REAL me.

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