Wednesday, October 9, 2013


my life right now:

+ lots of greys anatomy.
+ working nonstop.
+ attempting to be better with my eating habits.
+ trying to always find the good in situations (a work in progress, people).
+ sent-see's (or however you spell it) up the wazzooooo.
+ finally getting my car out of the shop, praise the lord.
+ most days wearing my hair in a bun, 90%.
+ learning how to be utterly happy.

also, being so grateful for the loved ones i do have in my life, which may mostly be family; but that's more then some people have, right? i NEED to learn to be more thankful then i am sometimes, i've got a lot of good things in my life.

my life is SUPER interesting, if you can't tell.
and secretly, i miss having a special someone, sue me.

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