Friday, April 5, 2013

one year

it's crazy the amount of change that can happen in a year. this time last year i was going to waaaay too many baseball games, stressing about graduating, attending arc like it was my second home.. and worrying about the dumbest things.

between then and now: i graduated, i went through one of the hardest summers, i moved across the country with one day notice, one of my best friends got married and had a beautiful son, i had knee surgery, i attended college, i got a job that i loved, i lost a close friend, i moved back to utah, i gained a lot of new friends, i lost a lot of friends, but mostly.. i've learned so much about myself.

right now, i know that i need to do me. i need to focus on my happiness and stop trying to please everyone. i need to be crazy, and make mistakes. i feel like once you graduate you feel like some superior being, that you're all grown up and hot stuff. but really, we're still so YOUNG. this is the prime of our lives, and we need to take advantage of that. yeah, you might piss a lot of people off along the way, but this is your life; and you need to live it however you want to. you're the one that's going to look back and be like dang, i wish i would of done more.. i wish i would have been single longer, i wish i wouldn't of gotten married so young..

so right now, if you don't wanna deal with me and my crazy self, that's fine.. cuz i'm just trying to have a good time with my friends, and if you're not about a good time- i'm not about you.

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