Monday, April 1, 2013

be real

sometimes i get really sick of blogs. i feel like some people are trying waaaaaay too hard to be inspiring to everyone, and not just being them. honestly, my blog has been a disaster from day one; from challenges, to boy issues, fighting with friends, high school dances, really really hard times, birthday shout outs, and mostly random thoughts.

i always promised myself i'd be honest on here and say whatever i wanted, because this was MY vent; it wasn't really meant for anyone but myself. my crazy, unfiltered, sometimes dirty, but mostly just crazy brain.

don't get me wrong, sometimes i fall onto blog posts from others that just SPEAK to me, my soul, and just make sense; some comfort that some people understand this world like i do- or should i say DON'T understand this world. but sometimes, i feel like everyone is just trying TOO hard to be this mother theresa, or the next dr. phil/oprah.

so thank you, to the people that have stayed real to themselves, talk about the randomest stuff at the most random times of day.. and don't care if their blog is popular or if people are inspired by every post, or who you're going to give your next giveaway to..

i challenge you, be REAL.. spit out random words, random thoughts, and the struggles swimming through your brain. be the people we started as on here, unexperienced, and lots and lots of word vomit..

so here's a pic from my weekend at the dunes. take it personally if you wanna, but i'm just being real.