Wednesday, March 27, 2013


it's crazy.
honestly, it is INSANE! and so hard for my mind to grasp.. how fragile it is, how much FUN it can be if you make it fun.. how careless and free it is, if you let it! i have honestly never been in this place in my life. i live for ME, i don't care about satisfying anyone, i don't live for anyone else, i don't worry about what people are going to think about my choices, i have FUN! i make decisions for me, and i honestly feel like i've never been more me, ever! some people may think i'm careless, in a bad way; but that's fine. if they really think that way about me, then they don't know me at all.

i don't intend on hurting people, i don't intend on people looking down on me, and i don't intend on disappointing people.

i intend to make a path for myself, i intend to learn from my mistakes and not regret a single thing, i intend to find the real and full cass.. no matter how long it takes.

i have fun with my friends, i sleep in sometimes, i work hard at work, i drive the mountains even if i don't have gas, i eat what i want, i do what i want; and i LOVE it. i really feel like i have grown so much since i graduated, it's unreal and i can't help but see what else is in store for me. but for now, i'm gonna keep being crazy and doing what i want, cuz right now is the youngest i'll ever be, and i have a whole lot of time to grow up and be boring.

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