Monday, March 18, 2013

happy life

life has legit been crazy these past couple weeks.

between moving across the country, saying bye to 2 of my very best friends, catching up with old friends, and just getting back into the swing of living here, and not fainting when i walk outside and see my mountains!

oh, and wrapping my head around the fact that i actually LIVE here again!
nothing feels better then being able to call up some of my best friends, and drive a short few minutes to see them. walking into the next room, and cuddling with my momma.. actually HANGING OUT with people. who woulda thought i'd actually start doing that again?

let's be honest; i was pretty worthless.. i know you guys noticed! you don't have to admit it, cuz i just did it for you. i rarely have time to fit in my tv shows, and if you know me at all; you know that's all i did in my free time in michigan.

on a real note, i miss my lu, the twins, and my family.. alex left last week, and i don't like that one bit. there's been some drama, but it doesn't even phase me! i'm just soooooo happy to be home! i wish i could be serious with you guys, and talk about something soooo deep... but i'm at a loss for words besides: happy. utterly happy! i feel like i can finally get on track to my future, for the exact reason that i want it to be here.

anyways, here's some pics.. don't hate me for being a rambler.. you guys know that's how i roll.

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