Tuesday, February 5, 2013


and intense feeling of deep affection
feel a deep romance or sexual attachment to (someone)

yeah, that's great and all but love means so much more to me then that.

  • it's when you finally want someone else's happiness over yours.
  • someone you would stay up all night talking if they needed it.
  • someone you would go running to if they screamed your name.
  • the person you would take a bullet for, without hesitation.
  • a person who NO ONE could ever compare to, looks, personality, smell, everything.
  • someone whose quirks make you smile and don't embarrass you.
  • the one who you could watch throw up and only want to take care of them.
  • the person who pops up in your head every time you hear a love song.
  • someone who might have surgery and you don't leave their side just in case they need you.
  • when you think about your wedding, you see them at the end.
  • when seeing them for the first time in so long makes you want to cry of happiness.
  • the one whose body scent is comforting to you.
  • a person who you can fight like siblings with but only end up laughing.
  • someone who you dream about losing and wake up in sobs and have to call them, and feeling instant comfort when you hear their voice.
  • the person who you instantly defend even if you aren't on the best of terms.
  • someone who you know inside and out and still look at them as if they are the world.
  • that person whose body, hands, lips and everything match perfectly with yours.
  • the one who you crave kissing them.
  • the one you can sit in silence with and feel legit comfort.
  • someone you feel that NO ONE will ever be good enough for them, even you.
  • just by a face you can tell what mood they're in, no matter how hard they try to hide it.
  • someone that you can tell everything to, even things that NO one else knows.
  • the person that you will always compare future (if any) relationships with.
  • someone whose birthday is just as big of a deal to you as yours is to yourself.
  • the person you know EVERY favorite thing of theirs, from foods to colors to how many pillows to sleep with.
  • the one person in this world that you could spend all day everyday with without getting completely annoyed.
  • someone you would rather say i'm sorry first to just so there is no risk of losing them for good over a dumb fight.
  • that one person in this world that you would be the happiest person if you woke up next to them every morning.

yeah you're going to fight, but fighting shows you care; shows you don't want to lose them to some other person that might be better than you. you might go a couple days where you don't talk and act like children.. but at the end of the day when you're going to bed... you know where your heart is.

if you haven't felt this kind of love, i feel bad for you. you'll get there.
i truly believe that there is this someone out there for everyone.
everyone deserves to feel this love, and i was lucky enough to have felt it these past 3 years..
no it wasn't all rainbows and butterflies and happy tears, there were a lot of nights where i swore i would never talk to him again and swore he was the devil (dramatic high school girl, i tell ya).. there have been periods of time where we didn't talk for months.. because we tried to get away from each other cuz we didn't feel we were what was best for each other.. but we always were back to each other; because that's where our hearts are.
but there is one thing i know for certain, i love this kid.. with all my heart and there's nothing more i want in this life then for him to be happy.. and if that means i'm not in his life anymore, fine. i am happy enough to have known him for as long as i have and all the lessons he's taught me and the kind of love we've shared.
call me young and naive, i don't care.. because i know the love i have felt for Grant Harrison Misbach is real, and i know we've made some mistakes and really hurt each other. but no matter what he's done to me, or what i've done to him; we just want what's best for each other and want each other to be truly happy.. we're just trying to find a way to get to that exact point.

maybe down the road you will sit there and say "i told you so, you were just young and stupid and didn't know anything about a real relationship"..

but i hope i will be the one sitting there telling you this:
"as long as you have faith that this is what's right, you know what's best for you. love doesn't have an age, and i truly believe that you can fall in love at any time. from 16 years old to 40.. when you know you're in love, you know.. and i'm glad you all doubted me and this relationship; because that just made me want to prove you even more wrong and - more- i want you to see him the way that i do."

love is a funny thing, it sneaks up on you when you least expect it or want it, it hurts you more then you ever thought it was possible to hurt, and it can make you the final puzzle you need to become.. you just need to not shut yourself out from love. don't be scared of getting hurt, because i promise you.. you're going to be hurt, but trust me.. the feeling of being loved and loving them right back is the most amazing feeling in the world.

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  1. i just about copied and pasted this to my blog and replaced grants name for landons. love this. you're very wise. love you!