Friday, October 19, 2012

my weekend looks good

honestly, my weekends could look like this every weekend and i wouldn't mind. 

i'm working at design one (high end salon) for their anniversary week, and i'm doing all their laundry and just little jobs they have for me to do; seriously, so fun! and so easy, and honestly kind of relaxing. i hope that i will be hired on full time for the front desk, cuz seriously i already love the girls and the work environment so much!

friday: i worked from 11 am til 530 pm and made 120 dollars, came home and ate dinner, waited for my dad to get home, we all went and picked up my step brother from a party (for real brought back some memories of my 8th grade parties, so funny!) sat around and watched funny videos with my family, did some decorating in my room, put away my laundry, and now i'm sitting in my room blogging and watching wedding videos (my obsession).

saturday: working from 11 am until 5 pm, going and baby sitting my old volleyball coaches kids from 6 pm until 11 pm, then going home.

sunday: relaxing with the family, and doing my homework.

seriously, it might seem so boring to most people; but i don't mind it at all. i didn't realize how much i like working and earning money until today (it's been awhile since i had a job).

right now, i know i'm exactly where i need to be. i don't need to be out going to parties with my college friends, i don't need to be sleeping in until 3 pm (although sometimes it's nice). i just need to focus on saving my money, going to school, and spending time with my family until april comes around.

today i am thankful for the opportunities and good karma that God is throwing my way.

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