Wednesday, October 24, 2012

sick sick sick

the remedy to help not feel so crappy when you're sick:

-paint your nails, i choose nude color.
-eat something yummy, even if you can't taste it cuz you can't breathe.
-sleep as much as you possibly want, may need earplugs.
-scroll and scroll and scroll on Tumblr.
-listen to your favorite music, preferably bon iver.
-take a hot shower, don't worry about brushing your hair after.
-drink LOTS of water, and you'll probably have the amount of pills of your body weight in your stomach. but YOLO, right? (ew, no cass).
-have kleenex for the over amount of sneezes.
-a warm washcloth to put over your eyes for when that headache just WILL NOT go away.
-breathe right strips, otherwise you might drown in your own snot (sorry TMI).
-phone calls with mommy when you feel lonely.
-catch up on your favorite shows.
-wear oversized hoodies and soffee shorts (who cares if you look like you have no pants on).
-sleep, sleep, sleep.

goodnight fellow bloggers, sleep easy.

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  1. Okay just came across your blog and freakin loveeeeee it! Followed :)