Thursday, October 18, 2012

dear self

dear struggling cass,

remember when you thought your world was going to end like a million times, over a million different things? how there couldn't possibly be a way to get over a tragedy or a boy? remember crying over things that might seem so stupid now but was a major issue then? remember when you cut your hair off and you cried for hours? remember when you never thought you could feel more pain then you did that night you found out that the boy you thought you were in love with fell for your best friend? remember feeling so betrayed so many different times and felt like you could never forgive them? remember burrowing in your bed not wanting to face the world?

well, your world didn't end, you got over many tragedies and boys, you're hair touches your butt, you're friends with both the best friend and the ex now, you've forgiven many people for things you maybe shouldn't have, and you climbed out of that bed and faced the sun.

you wanna know something funny? life goes on, you never stop growing, and you never stop becoming. today might seem like the most miserable day, but there's going to be a day where you look back on this very day and pat yourself on the back, or maybe even slap yourself in the face for feeling like you couldn't get through this day. for then, it will seem like a more simple day then others.

there's always going to be challenges, people that choose to hurt you, and times in your life where you feel like things could not possibly get worse. but i can promise you, you're going to get through it.. you always have and you will continue to do so.

because each problem makes your heart a little stronger and your self a little wiser. keep on keepin' on, cass. because the big picture is going to be totally worth it.

stronger then yesterday cass.