Friday, April 13, 2012

Could not possibly be happier

It could be because the fact all week I did my favorite thing, laid out in the sun every day, all day. Spring break can do wonders, but also, I think it's safe to say I haven't been this happy in a freaking long time.

I'm the type of person who likes to think about my future, maybe a little too often (I've talked about this before) and sometimes I think that's what makes me unhappy at times. But lately (which I've also talked about lately, and have tried to put into action many times) is to just worry about right now. I guess with graduation coming up and me still having packets, would usually make me stressed beyond liking. But right now, I'm happy.

I like that I feel like a 14 year old when I get cute texts and get the flutters in my stomach. I like that just because I got a text, I'm smiling, and everyone knows who it's from.

I've heard all the jokes you can imagine, and it still makes me want to keep going. I don't care what people have to say, because I haven't been happier in I can't even tell you how long.

I don't mind that I seem silly, and I don't mind that I tell my strong feelings too often. This life is short, and I'm gonna stick to what makes me happy, whatever that may be. I'm sure most of you have caught on, or already know. But we'll just have to see what happens I guess :) and for now, I'm happy with where I'm at in my life. Right. Now.

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