Monday, April 16, 2012

You would think

I don't know what it is, but I always seem to expect common courtesy out of people.. But who the hell do I think I am, by doing that? Something I've always had was girl code.. I've always avoided the close friends exes. Is it so hard to do for me? Okay, and if you decide no, I'm not gonna be a decent friend and stay away from your ex, than at least stop effing posting 144221 pictures with him, when you know I'm gonna see it. I'm not jealous, really I'm not. But I don't wanna see pictures of him anymore, he legit makes me sick.

Next time your ex drops off all your sentimental stuff on the side of your house on the anniversary of your uncles death, and thinks its okay.. When he posts statuses about how much time he wasted, and how he's newly single.. When he goes around telling people how happy he is now that he's single.. And watch all of your close friends continue to hang out with him and post pictures, thinking its fine and whatever's. Then if you can honestly tell me you wouldn't be bugged at all; then you must not have had feelings for someone at all.

So if you're my friend and you wanna do this stuff, fine. Thank you for making me realize you're not my friend.. And clearly I'm better off being friends with other people. Now, your probably gonna see this and think 'oh
I better text cass and tell her to stop freaking out', well don't bother.. Cuz I don't care to hear from you, or him.

That's my freak out for the month. Now I'm gonna go back to bed.

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