Tuesday, April 3, 2012

been almost a month, but not quite yet.

i'm aware that i haven't blogged in a month, tomorrow. ask me why i have become to bad at blogging? i've just been utterly busy and quite frankly, happy. probably from the following reasons:
1. i've realized people are always going to talk, whether you're doing good or bad. so ignore it.
2. break ups don't always come at horrible times, but sometimes the most right time it could.
3. you're going to have up and downs with your family, just hope the downs don't last long.
4. spring break, 4 days. can't wait to be laying in the arizona with madeline.
5. graduation is just around the corner, and i'm buckling down on these packets.
6. and being with your best friend, can be just about the best relationship ever.

i know i need to start making some decisions for my future, but honestly, i'm scared of my future and what i want to do. so right now, i'm just enjoying right now. so once summer comes, and i've laid out a couple hundred days.. then i'll start to think about what i'm going to do.


move on from the past and who chose to no longer be in your life, and be grateful for those who decided to stay put.

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  1. we really are in the best relationship ever... wait... that wasn't about me, was it?