Friday, December 23, 2011

Good friends

"You try because you know you deserve better and aren't gonna quite till you get it. You try cause you believe that god honesty has some plan out there for you whether you know it or not. You try because your that girl who is gonna prove to everyone that each person has the power to make their life into what they want not just what their givin. You have to keep trying cause you got me rooting for you 100% along with others who are looking out for you and who love you so much"

Sometimes you need a couple best friends to reassure you on why you do the things you do. That struggling moments that the 'strong' girl has, is normal. I'm only human. But God gave me some really great friends to walk this journey with. The first quote (text) is from a girl that has literally NEVER left my side. And the text below, is from a girl that the second we hung out- we clicked.

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