Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Poor poor cars.

I have sympathy for cars now. Yes, you can re-read that sentence if you would like.. But I do. You know when you push it too far with your gas sometimes? Like you think you can go on empty a liiiiiiittttle longer, and usually are running on flames? You get what I'm talking about? You know you've done it. Well right now, I feel like my car that's been running on flames for way too long. Sometimes your car starts to putter and finally turns off, that's exactly where I feel I'm at right now. I'm puttering down this path, and I feel like if something doesn't get easier, my system is just going to shut down. 

Maybe you don't understand my analogy, but it makes perfect sense to me. 

Maybe my life (model of the car) is getting old, and I need to change (get a newer and better model). Or maybe I simply just need that burst of energy (gas). 

Today I got my first letter from my good friend Elder Mcklendon Fox. It felt like someone put a dollar in my tank. So for now, that can keep me going.. But sooner then later, I need to figure out whose gonna fill up my tank, or if I'm gonna need to get a new model. 

Cuz it's just not working out right now for me. 

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