Monday, May 16, 2011


summer is almost here! it's 15 days away! i can't even believe it.. this time of the year was so different -last year. last year, i was extremely anxious to go to michigan, i had like a count down from like 70 something (that excited, yes). this year, is quite a bit different. doooo not get me wrong, i am so stoked to see my family and my LONG lost friends, you have no idea. but this year, i've grown towards to many people this year, that i care about so much; and i am not looking forward to not be spending my first month of summer with my friends here. last year when i came home everything was completely different,  and that is the last thing i want to happen this year. i love my life now. last year, i was still going through the withdrawls from moving away from loved ones, and yes i still miss very many people ( try maybe 15 ).. but that's okay; because the heart grows fonder of someone when you can't see them all the time. i made a pact to myself that this year, i will NOT drift from my utah friends when i am in michigan; will NOT happen. i guarantee i will talk to utahn's everyday! eh, i still got 17 day's to worry about it. i have to admit, i cannot wait to see the baby twinners! i look forward to that, eveeeeryday! oh! and while i'm in michigan one of my good friends, that i've mentioned before.. a couples times, kate.. she will be staying with me for about a week; so amped off that! we are going to have so much fun, and i promise we will be gooood ;) always are! right kate?

summer, come my way!

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