Monday, May 16, 2011


i feel like the people i follow, and the people
that follow me, are like a family.
because of blogging, i have become so much
more understanding then i already was.
yeah, i've only been blogging for about 5 months
(that long? holy), but i feel like ever since
i decided to make that first post, i have
become more REAL with others, and myself.
i feel like i can be whoever i want to be, 
when all i really want to be; is me. 
i know it sounds so gay! but it's true.
i just want to say what i want to say, 
when i want to say it, without any judging.
yeah, some people read it, and probably make fun of me.
but guess who doesn't care? you got it, 
ME! i just don't care what people have to say about me, 
my choices, or my life anymore.
i chose to share what i chose to share, because i feel
like i owe it to you! to my fellow bloggers,
who are so open, and share what they feel like they need to share.
when i get onto blogger, i feel like i step into peoples lives and thoughts,
but the best part about it is; it's willing information. 
no it's not gossip, and it's not rumors. it's the real life thing!
another thing i've noticed is, is that people don't talk smack
on certain individuals, they speak in broad terms. 
indeed there are those blogs that people just trash on others, but for the most
part. i don't see that. people talk about the good in others, and that is
so nice to hear sometimes.
i gotta say i love my family! 
and some people that i stalk... that i just wont share because that is creepy ha.
but i just want to say;
i appreciate you, and your words.
sometimes i just get on blogger to get into a better mood, 
and 99% of the time, it works! and i am so thankful for that.
so thank you, for the entertainment, the slap into realities,
the pick me ups, the funny times, and just the words!
i love you all so much, really and truly.