Monday, May 16, 2011

hapiness is key

there is always going to be something that you're going to be unhappy with, if it's from a test to a boy.. there will always be something.

but the real strength is being able to realize that everything doesn't go your way, and being able to cope with it. maybe you should have worked harder on getting a better grade in the class, but when you realize that there is no more you can do, just deal with what you have been given. making yourself be happy with what you DO have, and not dwelling on the things you wished you had. i think throughout my life, i've been taking tiny baby steps towards this goal; selfless happiness. i have grown up blaming things on other people, and asking why.. but i come closer to the "just let it go" step in my life. which i feel is huge to me.

things have been a lot different lately, some good; some bad. but there is nothing i can do. people tell me to swallow my pride and just get over something(s), and truly; i am over it, i'm just not going to go out of my way to make it better. not yet at least ( i told you, they're babbbbby steps! ) and i'm okay with my baby steps! thank you very much. i've gotten extremely close to annie again, and i am so grateful for her, you will never know. hahahah we have waaay too much fun together, that's for sure :) well i guess i just want to say, life is good right now, and it's been a long time since i've been this content! knock on wood...

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    haha so obnoxious.
    i love you. so soo much.
    glad we're back to the good olll days.
    but like really.

    hahaha.. i look like a fag next to you mrs. black woman.
    i hate you.