Monday, May 2, 2011

my homies

this might get a little mushy, but that's okay; cuz the love i have for these kids is UNREAL! this past summer i changed up my life a bit, k scratch that; a lot. i went through some major stuff, a bad break up.. blah blah blah, typical. but i met these fools a long the way. i know it sounds so stupid, but these kids we're my entire life, and they gave me the best summer i could ever ask for. askin for names? here they are; landon, joe, mcklendon, jake, river, zach, kenzie, katie, and a couple here and there along the way, but these were the main ones. they honestly have been some of the best of friends i could ever ask for, give me advice of the daily, laughs til i basically pee my pants?, and just soooo many good times. this is how my days would go, there were 2 different ones:

day 1:
lay out til like 4
text fox or landon or joe
go to joe's
chill/shred the canyon
watch a movie
go home at like 130

day 2:
get up at dawn
go to the rock
go to the cliffs
go to the park city skate park
go to davonzas
sneak into a hotel, and swim
go get ready
go back to joes
chill til 130

either day, made my summer the best i've ever had. tops. nothing will ever compare. it wasn't really even the times we had it really was the people. i'm getting soooo sad knowing that these hooligans will be going off on their missh's, i honestly will cry! you guys are the most genuine people i know, real talk. i know we've drifted a lot since summer, but i feel a reunitation(it's a word now) all the time! i love you guys, a loooooooot! thanks for everyyything.

park city sneaking in!

just swimmin!


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