Monday, May 2, 2011

a boy sitting in his room; with unseen tears running down his face. not about to end any time soon. he sits in his bed, and reaches under his pillow. he pulls out that hidden notebook with the pages filled. page by page, he rips them out, the memories of her, good or bad. the only person he ever loved was this girl. he kept tearing at the pages, trying to let the feelings go, trying to forget the girl who just shattered his heart into pieces. not too far away from the boy's home, sits a girl; all alone. with music blaring and tears not heard. her head is down, actions speak louder than words. her hair falls down, all over her face, so messed up, so misplaced. unheard tears streaming down her face, as if they will never end. she understands that things will never be the same. she takes out her notebook and a pen; starting to write, of anything that comes to mind. she tries not to think about the boy; because the only pain worse than having your heart broken, is breaking your own.

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