Monday, May 2, 2011


prom was epic, that's all there is too it. i know people are all "best dance ever!" every dance, but i reallllllllly enjoyed prom, for sure. even though i got straight WHIP LASH from whipping my hair, but it's okay! the day date we went bowling then to fast five, fast five was soooo sick! it really makes you want to drive fast cars! that was friday night, cuz not all of our friends could do a day date on saturday; which works out perfect for girls, cuz they need all the time they can get to get ready! after running sooo late; showing up at my house with only my hair done at 5:52 and was going to be picked up at 6, that late... i pulled it off of course, with a few minutes to spare :) we went to pictures, i thought my feet were going to fall off cuz they hurt so bad, took our pictures, then went to tucanos! sat by the best friends, ate some freaking good food! then went to the dance.. even though i blacked out, and couldn't control my head; it was fun! i gotta say, i love going to dances with grant; he seriously is the most fun kid ever. maybe it's just cuz i'm comfortable around him, but i loved it! 3rd dance together, hollllla! even after the dance was fun! hahahah. i can't believe this is basically my last dance with most my closest friends, it's so sad that they are graduating! i feel like i'm going to be the biggest loner next year! well i got annie of course :) but otherwise, i'm done for. who will i go to dances with? ahhh! well here's to prom 2011, doubt it will be topped.

who are we? :)

some of daaa girls!

dead after the dance!


whippin my hair!

awkward, but i love these people.

typical guy pic.

in the caaar.

looove this picture!

the most dysfunctional best friends you'll ever meet. promise.

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