Wednesday, May 18, 2011


i don't know what it is about the dentist, but i dread it. highly. okay okay okay, who doesn't hate the dentist? but i have had times where they pull 6 teeth at once, or decide to fill 4 cavaties.. no fun at all.

well yesterday my mom told me that i had an appt for tomorrow (today) and the only thing that came out of my mouth was moans and groans, i was not happy.. to say the least.

but, this trip was a little bit different.
i didn't have to wake up for school, cuz my appt was at 930. so i slept in for a little bit, then got up and started getting ready cuz i thought i would be going to school after. we all pilled in the car and my sister was telling my mom how she wished she had a cavity? i was thinking that i had an insane child for a sister (not the first time i've thought this to myself).. then i remembered, she's never had to face the evil drill or the nasty pasty crap they put on your teeth.. yet. we got to the dentist and had to wait while my mother filled out the paper work. lu got called back first. gooood luck! then i got called back.. they took me the the familiar looking xray room, oh how i hate the dumb xrays where they basically gag you! that took about 10 minutes hence the fact that they took a picture of every single angle you could possibly think of.
(in one of the xrays you could see my nose ring? it was kind of cool)

the ladies kept coming and telling me how cute my little sister was and how they were laughing so hard at what she was saying; and all i wanted to say was, yeah she's cute, until she destroys everything in her sight. ha non the less, i was like yeah that's right my sister IS cute!

then i went to the chair, the hygenist and i had a good talk; she was really down to earth and was from out east as well.. so we talked about the cold and anything else to do with the east. mostly just the cold ha. she started the horrible part where they take the evil pointy metal contraption and scrape my teeth. HOW FREAKING UNPLEASANT! i hate that part more then everything. she asked me if i flossed, and i told her every once in awhile, then she told me that i needed to start doing it everyday.. eh that sucks. then the dentist man came in, a young one; i've never had a yooooung one! and they kept telling me that i should get my second round of braces, and i kept saying there is no way i will get braces again, i'm okay with how they are.. but they kept telling me i should. shhhh be quite and just finish poking and hurting me already!

time out: have you ever noticed that they talk to you more when they are working on your mouth, like you can answer with their hands filling your mouth? i always feel so awkward.

anyways, so they kept working on my teeth.. then he gave me a mirror and asked me if i wanted him to shave down my teeth so that they were more even, and i was like ummm.. YES! i didn't think they would just do it right then, but then he got his little saw buzzer out and started shavin away, also kinda gave my face a shower.. not kidding, i was drenched. and honestly, i was sooo happy with how they turned out.. to most people they won't even notice that i got work done, but to me.. they looked so much better.
before                                     after

the next part was my favorite; so i have wanted whitening trays since 5th grade when i saw one of my friends' moms put them in.. and i have been asking for them ever since. well we all know that they are quite expensive if you get them from the dentist, and on the way to the dentist my mom said i might not be able to get them, i was soooo mad! because not that long ago she told me that i could get fitted for them THIS appt.. well, when i was sitting there my mom came back and told me that they were going to give them to me for free, for some reason. instead of paying $400 i had to pay $0. yes i said 0! so they told me i had to come back at 1:30 and get fitted for them which meant i got to miss the rest of school :)

i went back to the dentist and got fitted, which i don't like at all cuz it feels like the gooey stuff is going to choke you. but i was so happy that i was getting trays that it didn't even matter! so i will be getting my free whitening trays in a couple of days; and i haven't ever been so happy for going to the dentist.

so maybe, JUST MAYBE, i will feel a little better about going to the dentist; because not every time, is a bad horrible experience.

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  1. they do look soooo good... and you'll love the whitening trays!!! growing up I always had the most yellow, nasty colored teeth, this past christmas I finally got whitening trays and oh my HECK, they make em look SO good and brighten up RIGHT away. You'll look even HOTTER! hahah I love this.