Wednesday, May 18, 2011

just me

maybe i don't straighten my hair everyday
maybe i don't wear all the makeup that they offer
maybe i say exactly how i feel
maybe i wear sweats more then i dress up
maybe i swear when i get frustrated
maybe i'm not LDS like everyone else around here
maybe i wear too many bracelets, rings, and earrings
maybe i have too many piercings
maybe i'm intimidating looking when i walk around
maybe i don't get a 4.0
maybe i don't have perfectly straight teeth
maybe i don't have a nice car, or my own car for that matter
maybe i go through trials, harder then most see
maybe i have an addiction to candy
maybe sometimes i would rather stay home and watch a movie with my mom
maybe i'm not the skinniest girl you've seen
maybe i have a tattoo
maybe i fight with my family too much..

but i don't mind my hair
but i hate makeup more then anything
but i would rather tell the truth than lie
but i like being comfortable
but it doesn't bug me when i swear
but i choose to believe what i believe
but i like every single bracelet, earring, and ring
but i like having my ears and nose pierced
but i have a big heart in reality
but i try my best in school
but my teeth and smile make me, me
but i'm trying to find a way of transportation
but those trials make me stronger
but i just love candy so much!
but my mom is my best friend
but i don't mind being curvy
but my tattoo has a real meaning to me and my life
but i love my family more then anything

just because i might not be exactly like all of you, but does that give anyone any right to look down on me? does it give anybody any reason to talk about me? no it doesn't. i am just as human as any other person, and God made us all to be different, so don't look down upon me, because i am eye level with any other person.

i'm me, and right now; i'm proud of who i am and who i am becoming.