Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 3

Day 3: your top 10 pet peeves

oh my gosh, i could go on and on about these:

1. when someone starts a conversation and it goes like this
them: "hey"
you: "hi"
..... nothing! like really? why did you talk to me in the first place.
2. when people say they need to tell you something, but decide to wait til later? why did you tell me you needed to tell me something RIGHT THEN, then?
3. when people look around when you are talking to them, or at your hair.
4. when someone says they'll call you in 5 minutes and don't call for 2 hours.. or more.
5. P3oplE Wh0 t@lk Lyyyk33 th!$.
6. when you ask someone for gum after seeing them open a pack and them saying they don't have any.
7. people who look others up and down to find trends to wear.. just be yourself!
8. people that think they need to be perfectly ready everyday, it's okay to look homeless sometimes.
9. when girls go to the bathroom between classes to put on makeup.. really?
10. when people respond to texts a day later from when you sent it.

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