Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 5

Day 5: If you were stranded on an Island, who would be with you and which limited 10 items would you two have?

hmmm this is a tough one for sure.. but i would have to say:
Mckenzie Smoot
you see, me and smoot have already lived together; and i feel like me and her can be disgusting around each other more then any other person. so i think we would be good candidates together.. yeah, we might struggle, but we would survive!

1. our blankets, they keep us warm
2. bathing suits, give in.
3. a big lighter (to light the fire, duh)
4. a huge thing of water.
5. sharks candy, a large quantity.
6. rafts, so when we have to fish we can float and tan while we fish.
7. toothbrush and toothpaste, we like to brush our teeth.
8. burritos and cheese, we WOULD find a way to make them.
9. a bear/tiger/any crazy animal proof tent; we don't like scary animals.
10. gum, because we can never get enough gum!

you might think that that is a strange list; but we'd get by! i promise you that.

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