Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 6

Day 6: biggest struggle you've overcome

the biggest struggle i've overcome? hmm.. this one is tough. i'm not all that sure which one is the biggest, but i'll stick with this one:
moving from here on october 19, 2009

to here

i had the hardest time moving away from michigan to utah. some people thought it would be easy for me hence the fact that i lived in utah up til i was 9.. but that wasn't the case at all. i had REALLY grown up with the kids in michigan, and it was so hard for me to say goodbye. when i got to utah, and i went to the school; i was SO against going there. all the girls were so pretty, on my first day i walked in and walked out because i was just not going to go to school with that many pretty girls. my first year was a struggle, and up til about september of this year, i was really wanting to move back to michigan with any chance i got. then i gave utah a chance. now i can't ever imagine moving back to michigan, while still in high school. there are still some thoughts for moving there for college, but i really don't think i could leave my friends now. the people here are so much nicer then my old school (some exceptions, of course).. and yes, there is STILL drama, but that's just high school. but the drama at my old school was twenty times worse, people we're brutal. anyways, now i love my friends and the life i have created for myself here and i wouldn't change moving here for the world. i do miss some of my friends, and definently my family back in michigan, but i know that the people who matter; don't let the fact that i live 1588 miles away affect our relationships.

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