Monday, April 4, 2011

things to love...

- when the perfect song for your mood comes on
- the warmth of your blankey just out of the dryer
- typing and not making one mistake
- nails just being filled
- sun kissed cheeks
- pizza hut.. nuff said
- nail polish
-new undies
- shopping on saturday after a long night
- finding scandals
- being in the one digits of a countdown
- buying a new swimsuit
- fresh mascara
- when your abs hurt from laughing so hard
- a best friend
- a smile when your day is horrible
- getting checked out of school before a test
- watching movies all day, just cuz you can
- a mothers letter
- reading the last page to a good book
- being in looove
- satisfying water
- sweatpants and hoodies
- when people stand up for the underdog
- a new piece of gum
- drifting off to sleep
- seeing an old friend
- the sound of waves
- a spotless floor
- baby kittens :)
- sleeping in, and waking up to a good morning text
- turning on your phone to 10 texts
- B.L.O.G.G.I.N.G
- icee's from common cents, holla.
- quote searching
- tan lines, and seeing how black you are
- laying out listening to music
- jumping in the pool after sweating from laying out
- fights you're not involved in
- ephraim candy store
- my entire crazy family! (both sides)
- long talks with the mommy
- knowing i'm going to see the twins in less then 3 days
- tropicana tanning oil, mmm makes my heart pound
- sports bras
- my comforter on my bed, okay comforterSSSS
- telling someone how you feel
- feeling accomplished
- butterflies
- when you're friend wins something they deserve
- washing your face after a long night
- feeling cute!

ehh i could go on, but i love too many things!
<< but those babies over there, they're at the top right about now! see you in 2 days!

1 comment:

  1. you left afew things off.

    -when carlee and cass play
    -when they actually play instead of just saying they will

    ...yup. thats all.