Sunday, April 3, 2011

a child in high school?

let's be real here, BOY'S ARE CHILDREN. i know, a little blunt; but if you know me, you're not surprised.. half the time they never grow up, not when they turn 18, when they become so called "adults", not even when they turn 21. but WHY?! that is the question. here are some possible reasons?

they're scared: k, that is a reasonable reason (hello two of the same words), but aren't we all scared to grow up? we ALL have to do it at some point, and it's scary for allllll of us. going through big things, going out into the real world and not running back to our parents. it happens, NEWS FLASH, to everyone.  boy's, you're not the exception. you have to too.

they like being childish: COOL! we all like to be childish at times, but they're is time for being mature, and times for goofing around. go play on the playground for an hour, you know you want to! leave the childness there.

they can't handle being wrong: a lot of people have this issue, but when you can think in your tiny little head that "oh maybe i was wrong in that situation, i should apologize", i promise you, you will go a lot further in life.

they don't like to share: a t-y-p-i-c-a-l child thing, but i'm pretty sure even in preschool you learn to share.. what? did none of the preschools teach you boys?! WE HAVE OTHER PEOPLE IN OUR LIFE, other then you. i know, shocking, but it's true! we need to spread out our time, you can't be our main priority, and we shouldn't be yours either! don't lose your friends over a dumb relationship! you'll regret it.

now get off your high horse, and realize that you do indeed, need to grow up! face what you do, realize that not every little situation is the end of the world.. and realize, you're not the only person in our lives! i promise you, once you get all these things down, you will be so satisfied. oh and btw, don't play on the playground with little kids, i know you're a kid at heart; but police don't fall for that!


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    perfectly said darlin!! (: (: