Thursday, March 31, 2011

SBCA10 calling to SBFL11

this was spring break last year (holla, cali SB10!!)
was the best spring break, got to be with some of the best friends, 2 from california and 1 from michigan. couldn't of gotten any better. well, i could have gotten a lot more tan, but that's okay!

when they picked me up from the airport, i about cried at the airport; it's fine. (the first day)

first day; when i met my beautiful pink sparkly backpack (that just broke!) and we tried on so many outrageous clothes, found cass street (just like the one in michigan), and it was freaking fun!

 we liked to nap everyday! it was kind of ridiculous, but we were always up so late (well at least kate and i were) so we were exhausted by the next day. it's fine, we really liked to snuggle when we napped too.
funniest thing ever; k, so me and kate were trying to be quiet and hide from everyone, but it was way too hard after we discovered something.. i wont share that with the whole world though.. 
this was our first photo shoot, we set the camera up on a trash can. hahah another photoshoot to come.

the day we tie dyed, i don't know what it is; but we always seemed to want to tie dye, so we decided to. we made a shirt for us to send back and fourth, never got passed one of us hahah. 

we went to the beach, and we people watched like the whole time. layed out for hoursssss, went into the coldest water ever, met some hot guys that were molly and kate's friends, practiced some volleyball; was priceless.
they decided to introduce us to some of their friends, so that was like one of the only days i actually got ready hahah. was introduced to the most entertaining- but disgusting- thing ever. chatroulette! ha good times.
nothing can describe the feeling i felt at that moment. enough said.
we took a lot of photo booth pictures, maggie and i did mostly hah. 
our model picture! such models, huh? riiiiight >>

this was the last day with all 4 of us, maggie left the next day; so momma spitters decided to take some cute pictures of us best friends :)

we had the best time ever, one trip i will for sure not forget. i've drifted from some of them, but the memories i have with these girls, untouchable by anything. we also got so much closer, and discovered so much about our friendships. of course me and kate were together a ton, then maggie and molly. but when we're put all together, we even each other out so much. i love these girls so much, thanks for the memorable spring break 2010, la jolla style :)

sky, are you ready to make some freaking good memories with me for SB11FL? cuz i know i sure am up for a good time, and some new memories that will stay with me forever! oh and p.s. i'm ready to get blaaaaaaaack!

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  1. more tan?! girl you're BLACK.
    and i want to play wifff youuuu.
    asap? prolly.

    p.s. cassidy received an award? you betcha.