Monday, April 4, 2011

in class..

all day today in class, if i wasn't watching the clock tick and noticing how time seems to stand still when you want it to go a loooot freaking faster.. otherwise i have caught myself off task and day dreaming. it goes a little something like this:

teacher: so this ball makes this roll.. blah blah blah
in my head: oooh, i bet i should bring a beach ball to FLORIDA.. mmm
tick tick tick... (high school musical 2 style, ya know?)

teacher reading a poem: and the sun shines brightly over the bodies of their people
in my head: ahhh! getting tan. FLORIDA.
tick tick tick...

teacher: there will be a test on friday...
in my head: hahahah sucka i wont be there! FLORIDA.
tick tick tick...

teacher: so you need to do this and this and this and this by next time..
in my head: next time! ugghh.. oh wait, next time; that's wednesday! i leave for FLORIDA.
tick tick tick...

this literally is how it's been all dang day! i cannot sit and actually think about my work, i just think about florida all day! i have one. more. day. then i will be in florida the next day! tomorrow is seriously going to feel like decades, centuries, forrrreeever! (ha soo dramatic!) but really, it's going to take forever.

but i think it will be worth it when i can say bye bye to the stupid utah snow, and HELLO to the warm florida sun! :) ps. hello, why is there snow in april? it's called SPRING break. not winter break part 2. jusss sayin.

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