Wednesday, March 23, 2011

knock on wood

lately, things have been going very well. besides the fact that it's the last week of 3rd term, and i don't have enough attendance schools to have no NC's this term.. thing's are good.

i passed drivers ed: i honestly feel like i got the luck of the draw with my online teacher. i see people who slave over the million assignments that they have. my friend had to do her drivers ed based on a huge book. fortunate me, i only had to do it on the handbook, and watch some videos. i spent a total of 3 days on drivers ed, and then i was done. simple as that.

i got my license:  the day after i finished drivers ed, i went to my roading instructor and got my cirtificate of completion of all the required things i needed to do before i could get my license. after excitingly telling people i could FINALLY go, i went down to the DLD with my mommy. my permit picture, was extremely rough, and i was hoping that my drivers license picture, wouldn't be as bad. with my luck, of course.. it was worse; from what i can see of my black and white copy. crossing my fingers that the colored one wont look AS bad.

car:  no no no, i don't have a car.. yet! i have been talking to my dad about getting me a car, and it seems to be going well.. i'm not getting my hopes up though. but i can't help but go on and look at cars, i found this one that i really liked!

i don't know why all of a sudden i'm car hungry, i have done perfectly fine without one thus far.. but i just really would like to be able to drive myself places, and not rely on others.

a job: i had an interview yesterday as well (i know, a long day), and i felt like i was really qualified and all that jazz. but the guy was kind of sketching because i go to michigan for a month in the summer, to see my family. so i'm a little worried about that, but it was a great oppurtunity to interview and actually have a chance.

grades: this term i have gotten the best grades i've ever gotten! which is a huge relief- not saying i didn't have the potential before- but this term i really tried to get good grades.. i don't have that hard of classes, but a lot of busy work; which isn't always bad. so i am really happy about that.

i find myself knocking on wood all the time, because not one time has this many good things have happened to me at once. KNOCK ON FREAKING WOOD.

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  1. ahh so proud of you for getting your license!!!! atta girl Cass! In a way I wish I would've done that, instead of freaking struggling through drivers ed!!! haha. but good luck with that job, I hope you get it! (: