Thursday, March 24, 2011


i seriously have been counting down the days, for months hah.
countdown as of today:
t-minus 13 total days
t-minus 8 school days
t-minus 2 weekends
t-minus 312 hours

i think i am so excited because of the following:
1. getting away from utah valley, which is a need at this point.
2. one of my best friends is joining me, skylar mckell olsen, partying it uppp!
3. the smiles of my baby sisters will be able to be seen at any time!
4. laying out by the pool for hours is in the daily tasks (that means i get black)
5. i will be visiting the world of magic for the 3rd time! and other parks.
6. the family will be wearing matching shirts a couple of the days, waaahooo (sarcasm)
7. the discussion of getting a car will be in progress, aaaah!
8. spending quality time with the family i only get to see 2 times a year.

i'm so grateful that i get the oppurtunities to go on trips, and with people i love. it's going to be a good time, for sure!

so orlando, florida... are you ready for us, like we're ready for you?

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  1. Not to mention that one thing.... yes, you know which one thing. Come on Cass, thiiiiink!!