Sunday, March 20, 2011

i'm alive, i swear.

blogging is a place where people talk about things, daily events, etc etc. but for me, i feel like it's my own place where i can talk about just about anything on my mind. is that wrong, because it's all over the web? i think not. i feel that if you feel a certain way about something, then you have every right to talk about it. 

it's called freedom of speech, fools.

so, why do people always get on our butt about what we say? we can't help it that we don't feel the same way as others do, it's just how life goes. so leave it be. 

sometimes i get on my blog and look through the updates, go to the usuals; read. blah blah blah, but the best feeling is, is when you find someones post, that let's just say - hit's your emotional spot. they can just speak exactly what you want to say, when you can't seem to find the words. usually, i'm really good at finding the words i need to use, to express how i feel. sometimes, i get myself into some trouble with what i say.. but i try my hardest. anyways, the feeling i get when i read an inspirational post, oooh man, it's unexplainable. 

it's like for that moment you felt so alone, is gone. 
and you're not alone anymore. 
you feel like someone knows exactly how you feel.

so many times in life, you find yourself thinking. NOBODY knows how this feels. NOBODY can relate to me right now. but the truth is, you're right; they might not KNOW how you feel, but they know how to be a friend.. and they know how to give advice to the best of their abilities, but what they can do best, is to listen to you. to be there for you. and somewhere along the road, you might come across someone who HAS or DOES know how you feel. but until then, lift up your chin, smile at all the jerks, make friends, write how you feel, and don't let ANYONE let you feel like you're less than you are.

now how's that for a ramble?

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