Monday, March 7, 2011

curse you..

mother nature! you know those days where your back throbs, your tummy feels like you are going to have a baby, a colony migrates to your face, all you want to do is eat, you need to buy loads of feminine products, and you just lay on your bed with a heating pad wanting to die?

well that's what i've been going through the past 2 days. could i get up and go to school today? nope i couldn't. on top of all of that, i think i am getting sick; i think i am retrieving skylar's sickness. i hope not. i really really hope not. but with my luck, i will get it.

flavor blasted goldfish have been my best friend, and my mom is whipping me up a batch of her famous oatmeal cookies (without the raisins of course). i can't wait to eat like 6 of them.


i have like 4 candles in my room, it sooths me. i love the dark lit up by candles. especially when they smell delicious.

well, farewell. while all you guys hang out and are able to go out of the house, i'll go sit in my fortress of death (hahahah so dramatic!).

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