Monday, March 7, 2011



i was my dad's first baby. i was born to him at a young age, either 21 or 22? i can't remember the exact age. but young. we had struggles from the beginning, but that doesn't mean i haven't loved him with all of my heart from day one. there is something about a dad's approval, that girls thrive on. my dad and i were so much alike in some ways, that that is what made us fight the most. but then there were other days where we would get along so well. we would get in his truck, drive to the gas station; he would get a monster, and i would get a sugar free redbull with strawberry mentos. every time. we used to talk in spanish about my mom, because she couldn't understand us. we thought that was funny. my dad has the most rhythm out of my family, i think that's where i get it; cuz i definitely didn't get it from my mommy. we would make up jokes about the songs my mom loved, like hungry like the wolf hah. or phrases she always used like "this is my all time favorite". he would come up with funny names like "princess of darkness", even though my mom never liked that one. hahahah. he can do the best impressions of her too! there have been quite a few additions to my dad's children, and sometimes that get's hard. but i know, that no matter what  my dad and mom say, there is always a special place for your first. especially for my them hence the fact i was my mom's only for 7 years, and my dad's only for 10. i love my dad, a lot. even though sometimes he drives me bonkers, and loves to embarrass me in front of my friends, but mostly boys. i will always be your baby girl, peanut and obviously OPD. oldest pooper diaper. but one thing that i'm certain on is, i wouldn't trade him for any other dad, even if you paid me. i miss you. i will see you in 30 days!

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