Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mixed Emotions.

High school brings a lot of hardships, lies, rumors, heart breaks.. the usual.

I feel like everyone gets their share of made up things about them, and it really is just too unfortunate. I can't tell you how much i've heard this week, and it's only Tuesday. It is driving me insane! I know what i said, I know what i did, now leave it alone. done.

You can talk all you want, but at the end of the day; does that make you a better person? for bashing on people, and saying things about them that you make up? NO that doesn't do one person any good.. It really is too bad how things have gotten; i know this is far fetched, but from elementary? holy crap, things are like night and day! you just wanted to be friends with everyone, and now; it's like, they cross you the wrong way and you never want to talk to them again.

I hear the most outrageous things about myself, that i didn't even know! (sarcasm intended)
It really does blow my mind. And quite frankly, I couldn't care any less. People will talk, rather you keep telling them that it's not true til you are blue in the face. I promise you, there is no need.

So i will say it one more time. I am a STRAIGHT forward person, if i did something; i will own up to it. if i say something; i will own up to it. I am NOT the kind on person to go off and lie to cover my butt, if i chose to make a mistake, i will own up to it; i promise you that.

So before you go off and say all this stuff about me, and say i "did" or "said" something; maybe you should look at who is telling you these things, and maybe... just maybe; you should come to me! i would love to clear things up, because i'm sure; if you were me. that's all you would want, is the truth to be what is said. Not some crazy far fetched high school rumor, for example:

(this is just an example, not real)

what is ACTUALLY SAID- "wow he is hot!"
first person translation- "yeah didn't you hear cassidy said that he is hot and she wants to get down with him!"
second person translation- "cassidy said he's hot and that they hung out this weekend, and i wont eveeen start to tell you what went down that night if you know what i mean!"
third person translation- "yeah cassidy and him did some naughty things this weekend, she wouldn't even own up to it, it was THAT bad!"

if you think i am exaggerating, you are very mistaken; or you simply just don't remember what high school is like. or should i say, the real live game of telephone. I just think people need to just shut their mouths unless it was directly said to you from the source.

I guess those are my feelings this week. This week is a looooooooooot different, and a lot of things are going to change.

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  1. reading your blog is seriously one of the best things that happens to me each day, because i can seriously relate to just about everything you post.

    and i love it.

    and i love you.