Sunday, February 6, 2011


girls are backstabbers
no one is your best friend
boy's only want one thing
you can never trust anyone
never give up your integrity
i speak too soon sometimes
people only care about themselves
they're are no different then the other one
you will always be alone at the end of the day
don't put people's actions past them, they'll do it again
never love ANYBODY.


  1. "I believe in love. And jamming out in the car by yourself. I believe in someone telling you you're beautiful and dancing in the rain and in miracles. I believe in smiling until your cheeks hurt and laughing until you pee. Last, I believe in second chances no matter how bad people screw up."
    keep believin Cass.. people mess up. I'm sorry you've been hurt

  2. i love this cass.
    it SUCKS falling in love,...
    and believe me. i've been there, done that.
    boys have no idea how to treat you, and when to realize that you truly care about them, matter what anyone else says.
    and its way hard to trust them, ever again.
    but what do you do?
    of course you give in and love them, despite all the crap they give you. and it blows,...but i guess thats how life goes.