Thursday, February 10, 2011


people sometimes have to snap some sense into me. i never thought i would take advice from this girl again, but she is right.

I believe in love. And jamming out in the car by yourself. I believe in someone telling you you're beautiful and dancing in the rain and in miracles. I believe in smiling until your cheeks hurt and laughing until you pee. Last, I believe in second chances no matter how bad people screw up.

thank you for making me realize, that i need to live by the words i say; and not be contradicting.

so here i go putting my heart on ones whim, and i'm going to see if second chances are really worth it. i believe that everyone deserves a second shot, and if they mess up again; then you gave them the benefit of the doubt, and you can't say you didn't try, and you will have every right to be as mad as possible, because you did give them that chance. but the one thing i have realized from this whole situation, is that people mess up, and you move on. it's as simple as that.

so here i go, hopefully this is what's right. but i think it's about time for me to follow my heart even though it's been stepped on, jumped on, and stabbed into. i am done going by what my head thing is right.

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