Friday, February 11, 2011

i gotta fever, what kind of fever?


After seeing his movie "Never Say Never", I pledged to myself; I would meet him, seduce him, and marry him. Have children with him, Ahhhh! Never thought I would be like all those girls, that are obsessed with him. Yes, I enjoyed his music; But now I realize, I enjoy his smile, his hair, his body (even though he's small), his voice, how he touches girls sides... And him in general.

I pledge to go on tour with you, every tour. I'm sure our children would enjoy it. They will go on stage with you, and I know you will be oh, so very cute with them! They will know how to play the drums, like their dad. And they will enherit their daddy's voice, because their mother lacks a voice. But, I know you wont mind that, because all you care about is being in love with me.

I pledge to not get jealous at all the girls that throw themselves at you, because I know (clearly from your songs) that you will be faithful to me, and cuddle with me, and sing me songs with your scruffy little voice. I will understand, because even I, YOUR FUTURE WIFE, can't even think to resist you.

Most of all, I pledge to you, that I will forever love you; I will feed you cold ice water when your throat hurts, I will kiss you with the very most passion I can. And I will make sure, to have every one of your songs memorized; Obviously, because they are about me. You just don't know it yet.

I'm in love guys, I can't help it.

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