Sunday, February 13, 2011

valentines girls

this time of year, girls go crazy trying to find a boy that would be delighted to buy them a little chocolate and a bouquet of flowers. is that so bad? no i think not, but let's go over the kinds of girls we deal with around this time of holiday:

the single rose- girls that are won over with a boy just coming to her doorstep with a rose, those are the sappy girls.

the shopping spree- the girls that enjoy the shopping spree given to them by the boy that is obsessed with them, getting them whatever they want.

the extravaganza- these girls are the kinds of girls that want something in their room in the morning, something given to them during every class, after school something on their porch, and then at dinner (that the boy pays for of course) a big present.

the sad- the girls that aren't privileged to have a valentine, but they sit at home hoping that one day they will. (been there, done that; worst ever)

the secret admirer- the girls that don't like the attachment, and they just like something random given to them in secrecy, always wondering who it could be.

you notice, people think of presents at this time. but is that what it's really about? no it's not at all. it's about being with the one you love, maybe not even that; the person who you enjoy spending the most time with. it doesn't even have to be someone of the opposite sex (in the most non lesbo way possible), it can be with your family, because, let's be honest; not a lot of people experience love when they are as young as i am. i know it sounds ridiculous, but i know, i have experienced true love; and it is the most amazing thing in the world. i think it is completely necessary to have a holiday for love. but for a second, our selfish society needs to step back and realize, love isn't just about receiving; love is about giving as well; and not just material things; but giving everything you have as a person to someone else. maybe i'm just someone who is a true believer is being in love with someone, or a huge fan of feeling those little creatures fluttering around in my tummy, or the spinning sensation of kissing THE ONE for you, or maybe the heat that flows thru your body when you kiss in the pouring rain.. i don't know, maybe i just believe that there really is someone out there for everyone; and once upon a time, i thought i found that person for me.

I dream of a love that even time will lie down and be still for.

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